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Mobile Cloud – the emergence of an IT Revolution

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

In an era of rapidly evolving technology witnessing a range of innovations every passing day, cloud computing has emerged as a trendy technology option enabling continued network access between shared computing resources. By requiring only minimum amount of interaction between the user organization and the service provider, cloud computing offers flexibility and scalability to the user’s business operations.

Mobile device today, as advanced as our erstwhile desktop computers, play a crucial role in cloud computing concept as it provides manageable and convenient access to numerous forms of data and corporate applications. By enabling access to data from remote and obscure locations using their mobile devices, cloud computing facilitates the users to use various distinctive services such as multimedia, web browsing, email communication easily.  

Despite its widely known constraints related to storage, battery life and processing power, mobile cloud computing has been gathering rapid pace in the recent years. By handling massive data storages, mobile cloud computing has made it possible to execute intensive computing functions through mobile devices. This is beneficial to numerous mobile development communities as it makes it possible for them to develop mobile projects having short lifecycles.  

Through mobile cloud computing, devices and tablets can be used for various purposes such as payment gateways, hosting services, application monitoring and development and web analytics. By radically transforming the way enterprises manage, utilise and operate IT resources, mobile cloud computing has become a paradigm of greater efficiency, agility and business scalability. By playing a pivotal role in the business model of enterprises by building an elastic data center, cloud computing has brought enormous value additions to the business oriented scenarios.

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