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Welcome users to eWebsuite.com. These terms and conditions are applicable to all users who browse and use eWebsuite.com. By using eWebsuite.com, you are consenting to obey and be bound by the below defined terms of use as well as our privacy policy. These terms of services governs eWebsuite's relationship with you pertaining to this website.

“eWebSuite” or “us” or “we” are the terms that refer to the owner of this website whereas the term “you” refers to the user or viewer of this website.

Users can continue to browse this website, if they comply with the following terms and conditions:

  • The entire content of this website, including web pages is for general information and use. We may change the content without prior notice.
  • We or any other third party/parties do not provide the users with any guarantee or warranty about the accuracy, suitability, performance, comprehensiveness or timeliness of the information presented on this website for any specific purpose. By abiding to these terms of services, you are accepting that the information and materials presented may be inaccurate or have errors. We are not liable for any of the inaccuracies or factual errors presented on the website, by law.
  • If you are using the information presented on this website, then you can do so at your own risk and we should not be held liable for it whatsoever. It will be your responsibility to thoroughly check whether the services, products or information presented on this website meets your requirements or not.
  • The products and materials on this website either belong to us or are licensed to us. It also includes the design, look, graphics, appearance and layout of the website. The reproduction of any material is strictly prohibited.
  • The trademarks which are not licensed to or do not belong to operator and presented on this website are all acknowledged on this website
  • It would be a criminal offence to use this website unlawfully and, if found guilty we may claim for damages.
  • This website contains links to other websites and we may revise the links time and now. These links are presented for the convenience of users to furnish them with additional information. However, these links does not, in any way indicate that we endorse other websites. We shall not be liable for the content of other websites.
  • You cannot generate a link from other domain(s) or document(s) without the prior written permission from eWebSuite.
  • The dispute arising regarding the usage of this website is subjected to and will be handled as per the laws of India.

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