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Language Interpretation Services

eWebSuite is providing the full suite of language interpretation as well as translation services for a wide range of Public and Private Sector clients 24*7.

At eWebSuite, we understand the need and importance of quality interpreting service and therefore our all interpreters are skilled and hold quality qualifications and certification for interpretation of specific field such as; Legal, Medical, Finance, Research and more. From small business meetings to one to one interview and large multilingual conferences, we are offering our services for all of them. We are able to provide interpreters at very short notice for conventions, conference calls, courtroom and depositions, exhibitions, community meetings, business meetings, medical exams and tours.

Our full list of interpreting services which are available for our clients are:

Consecutive Interpreting:

Consecutive interpreting is most suitable for business meetings, medical situations and law offices where language is most prominent barrier. Consecutive interpreters translate the statement of official persons immediately after it has been said. At eWebSuite, we have a team of highly trained consecutive interpreter who are able to interpret the statements in both directions. It is most helpful where two different languages are in the use. In present at most of the places consecutive interpreting has been replaced by simultaneous, but still it is in the use for certain kinds of meetings such as; one-to-one business meetings.

Simultaneous Interpreting:

It is highly specialized area of translations that requires complete and accurate translation with the rate of speech as the speaker speaks with a few seconds of lag time. Simultaneous interpreting is one of the most useful interpreting techniques for multilingual conferences or business meetings where more than two to three languages spoken however; interpreter's works as a team in a soundproofed booth and delegates listen via their headsets by selecting the relevant channel to hear the interpretation in desired language. At eWebSuite, we have a team of interpreters who are able to interpret simultaneously each and statement which is being said, so that they can maintain the flow without any interruption.

Whispered Interpreting:

Whispering Interpreting is also known as "chuchotage" and it can be used in the bilateral meetings where only a few delegates don't know the main language so due to that interpreter will stand close to the group and interprets simultaneously in an order to save time. In whispering interpreting, interpreters don't need to access the special equipment to interpreting on real-time.

Public Service/Community Interpreting:

Sometimes interpreters have to interpret a wide range of settings such as; mental health assessments, police interviews under caution, hospital appointments and more, but while interpreting its responsibility of interpreter to remain calm and impartial. Public service interpreting also known as community interpreting as it can be used for the field of social, environmental health, medical, housing, local government, welfare services, education and more. In Public service interpreting, sometimes interpreters have to deal with the certain factors which can affect the meaning of language and communication such as; speech's emotional, content, social surroundings, stress and relationships among the participants.

Sign Language Interpreting:

In business meetings and conferences deaf person prefer to communicate with a language of sign through the hand movements as well as facial expressions. Interpretation of feelings and thoughts of another person needs a complex set of skills. At eWebSuite, we have skilled interpreters who know the bi-cultural knowledge as well as skills both to interpret the convey messages accurately.

Telephone Interpreting:

Telephone interpreting is a service which allows interpretation over the phone and it is best for short meetings over phone as well as for short consultations. It's duty of telephone interpreter to convert the spoken language from one language to another language and enable the speakers and listeners to understand each other. At eWebSuite, we make sure that our telephone interpreters will screen every message carefully and convey it accurately. We provide telephone interpretation services in more than 240 languages.

Our other services are;

  • Written translations
  • Audio translations
  • Audio Recording
  • Pictorial English
  • Lips-speaking
  • Transcription
  • Large Print
  • Braille

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