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Machine Learning API by Microsoft is able to detects the mood of person

Machine Learning API by Microsoft

Machine Learning API by Microsoft

Recently, Microsoft opens machine learning API to detect the mood of person ie. Person is happy or sad? Now, Oxford API, awing of Microsoft Research is planning to put this artificial intelligence in app to pass on its benefit to consumers in free. Chris Bishop, lead at Microsoft Research and esteemed scientist launch a set of free machine learning APIs (Application Programmer Interfaces), which is able to tell that person is happy or sad.

Chris Bishop, Head laboratist at Microsoft Research in Cambridge revealed that business organizations and individual developers can get their hands on certain tools which are based on Microsoft products with an aim to bring Artificial Intelligence such as; vision, language understanding and speech recognition into their apps. Before a decade ago, software company Microsoft boost the resurgence of machine learning which have root in academics and now it’s making a comeback as advertising on social networks to indentify the potential users and their personalize experiences with products. Chris Bishop is a renowned AI researcher and he stated that machine learning can change the life of humans within 50 years, apart from that fact that till now research has only unlocked only about 2 percent of its potential.

It is expected that soon Microsoft will release public beta versions of several other tools by the end of 2015, and it will also include video; that is able to automatically edit the video though  detecting motion, stabilizing shaky video, tracking faces as seen in the Microsoft Hyperlapse. However; apart from that Speaker recognition will be also available in free by the end of year and it will allow the developers to learn intricacies of an individual’s voice. It can help to develop advance security tools and gadgets, Microsoft said. For more information on APIs you can visit Microsoft Project Oxford website.

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