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Avoid Stalkers on Facebook and Other Social Media Platforms with These Tips.

avoid stalkers on social mediaWe all are living in the era of social networking and more and more people are going online, engaging in the various social media interactions however; we didn’t have imagine it ever. Being online 24×7 is just like the part of our daily life. Facebook and other social networking platforms have come a long way and now all these social media platforms are contributing significantly in everyone’s life. These social networking platforms are not hundred percent safe just like the other internet platforms and other social media networks. Social media networks have a fair percentage of stalkers. Here are few tips to avoid stalkers on social media platforms;

  1. Set your profile in private mode:

This is the best and most important security feature which everyone can access in secure way. It can prevent your personal information if anyone will try to peep into your profile. In the simple words Facebook and other leading social media networks will provide you enough option to get into invisible mode from those to whom you want to be invisible. You can update and hide each detail of your profile as per your comfort level. You can choose to whom you want to share your personal and professional details such as; your posts, friends list, events, your pictures, your shared content and more with different options such as; with friends, friends of friends and everyone. Ideally you should set it to your friends’ option. Of course, you will be visible on the social media platforms, but after privacy settings they will be not able to access any of your personal information.

  1. Experiment with your own profile name:

IF someone has your name and other details so simple he will type it into the search box and he will get the direct link of your profile, so first of all try to hide all of your personal and professional details such as; email address, phone number, work information, address and more from everyone else. Once you will cover this area, so you need to do some experiments with your profile like; you can add some symbols or font or other language in your name because these things will make it difficult to find you on social media networks.

  1. Use smaller pics in your profile and make your photo album private:

All the photos which you are sharing on online should have limitation from the visibility of everyone; it means it should only visible to your friends. It is advisable to upload smaller pictures and images, for that you can use some online tolls of you can crop them. There are cases when strangers will randomly click on your profile and download your picture for further use. If you will use the small pic, then people will avoid using it.

  1. Avoid tagging and linking of the profile:

Tagging photos is one of the privacy loopholes as it will divert the stranger to your profile as the people who you have tagged can be the friends of stalkers, so better to be carefully with your privacy settings. It is highly recommended to avoid the unnecessary tagging of photos. Whenever you will tag someone, the other people will get the notification as if you want to tag, so click on yes and share it on your timeline.  Most of the time whenever you will visit on websites, so they ask you to log in through the Facebook or other social media platforms, it is advisable to avoid doing that because this process will provide them your email for such purposes.

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