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Now iOS UI development framework of Facebook is an open source

iOS UI development framework of Facebook

iOS UI development framework of Facebook

Now ComponentKit frame work is available for general use with a purpose to reduce the complexity of writing codes. Facebook’s ComponentKit is an open source frame work which reacts as inspired framework for iOS.

According to official statement of Facebook, our ComponentKit is a native Objective-C++ view framework which has a functional and declarative approach to build UI.  At Facebook we use it to power the news feed for Facebook (iOS) app and other products within the same Faccebook app for IOS platform. said James Pearce, Head of the open source program at Facebook.  We have rolled out in last year since then we have seen the huge improvement in all terms such as; startup times as well as in the performance and because of that the quantity of code and complexity of code we have to write is really dropped.

It is well known fact that in general ComponentKit is inspired by the React, however the sense which all the developers have declare that how they want to use any interface instead insist of imperatively put it together step by step of piece by piece, explained by Pearce. If you want to found the ComponentKit, so you are free to browse GitHub as on GitHub you can find it. While coming to functionality, ComponentKit emphasizes one way of data flow which is immutable components to immutable models.

The basic components of ComponentKit can describe that how views should be configured and it also allow developers to focus on what the interface itself looks in terms of operation and function, rather than focusing on steps process to build any particular interface.

ComponentKit is now available for everyone and by making it available to everyone, Pearce said now Facebook is expecting to get the same advantage that Facebook has in the form of simplicity of code.


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