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A beta version of new Chat App API released by Nexmo

new Chat App API released by Nexmo

New Chat App API released By Nexmo

Recently, Nexmo has released its new Chat App API on a beta version, and this beta version of Chat App AAPI  will allow the companies to communicate with mobile users on the basis of one on one as their preferred chat application.

According to reports, this new API will consolidates all chat or text messages into the existing communication platforms of company and it will eliminate the need to manually arrange or manage communications on the basis of individual chat applications. This new Chat App API will do all that stuff automatically by connecting and detecting different chat or text messages through the appropriate chat application on the real time. Now onwards publishers will be able to send messages on one on one basis and it will appear on all the relevant chat applications at a single time.

However, only few of us know that Nexmo is also working with each and every chat application to ensure that their messages appear correctly on all platforms at once and it is also informing the different publishers that features are available for each and every chat application. However; Nexmo is much more familiar with the cultural restrictions on the basis of geographical distribution and it is making the clear that these restrictions are in play to help cultural, cultural, and legal obstacles which can prevent different companies from engaging their consumers on the basis of different chat applications.

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