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Progress software makes predictions about breakthroughs in 2015

Javascript, Node.js, growth of Javascript, data ponds, data streams

Breakthrough Technologies for 2015

There has been a series of predictions made by the Progress software for the year 2015. The software has been able to make some strong predictions about expected breakthroughs. With the technology reaching to a point of wherein everyone has access to various kinds of technologies, according to the software, the application ice age will possibly see its end now. According to the software’s officials at their Progress Exchange 2014, today every app and their underlying technology have become very omnipresent. This has resulted in such an environment where in each and every person is now able to access affordable as well as various high powered devices.

With every company wanting to get their company at the top of the chart, Progress software has predicted 6 major technological trends for the coming year. The year 2015 will see companies encountering lots of technological issues and challenges in terms of application development. Looking at the current changes in the IT, software professionals will receive more requests for technological migrations and maintenance. With IT and business about to come and work together, they will contribute equally towards the development of applications. At the end combination of the right tools and the efficient approaches from the companies will emerge as winners.

So what are these predictions?

The very first prediction given by Progress is the unification of citizen developers and the response that will be received from IT. With IT failing to keep up with the changes, the increase in demand from the businesses, the expectations of users have increased towards the consumerization of the information technology.

The second prediction highlights that the construction will begin on the IoT Bridge. Companies will start using more of the IoT languages like that of Node.js, etc.

The third prediction made by Progress for the year 2015, developers will start to see a couple of punches with agile development as well as low-code environment. Although many companies are now relying on the cloud computing, there are others who are still taking a single approach towards a single platform. Companies will show different reactions towards the miscellany of applications and will use mixed developer skills for effective productivity and agility.

The next prediction focuses on the adoption of the Javascript by means of Node.js. According to Progress Company, as Java continues to grow and Node.js seeing success on the server side and together with MongoDb power, the growth of Javascript will reach new heights.

The next prediction by the software application is that organization will rely highly on data ponds. The year 2015 will see an evolution in the usage of Java with an increase in the number of data ponds or data streams. Organizations will start using their applications for including the data for extracting insights. According to the Progress Company, this will not only increase the worth of data.

The sixth prediction for 2015 is that the tech savvy customers will bid adieu to long waits in the queues. There will be increased usage of online ordering as customer’s experiences will become more reliable.

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