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One-third jobs will be taken by robots or software by 2025

In presents, robots and drones are replacing the most of the man power, and you believe or not but by the end of 2015, 30% job will be replaced by new technologies.

According to researcher director, Peter Sondergaard, one day a drone may be your eyes and ears. In next five years, drones will be standard part of operations in many businesses; it can be used in geographical surveys, oil and gas pipeline inspections, agriculture and many other industries.

Drones are the just one from many other technologies, which can bring the revaluation in business industry. Smart machines are one of the emerging super class technologies, which perform a wide range of work; it can include both intellectual and physical work. In future the capabilities of software will extend to other areas, and it can be medical diagnostics, data analytic, financial analysis and more.

According to Sondergaard, Knowledge work is automated and efficiency of physical jobs will be increase with the arrival of smart robots. According to Gartner, it is sure that one in three jobs will be converted robots, software and other smart machines by 2025. And new digital business will require less labor because of machines and it will make the sense of data faster than humans can.

The forecast of the impact of new technology on the jobs is the warning for CIOs and IT managers at this conference to consider how they will adapt the new technologies for the growth of business. The door is open for the CIO and the IT organization to play a major role in digital leadership.

According to Gartner, to be effective leader CIOs have shifted from being focused on measuring things such as; describe what their business, cost to being able to lead with vision or government agency must do to take advantage of new smarter technologies.

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