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FireChat mobile networking app is not just for the protesters of Hong Kong

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Mobile social networking apps FireChat

Open Garden’s FireChat app is useful for several other purposes rather than locating the political protesters in Hong Kong. It can be revolutionize according to your interaction with your customers and employees.

One of the most popular mobile social networking apps FireChat is much usefull, but there are chances that you had never heard of it. If you are the one of political protester in Hong Kong or Iraq or if had you attended the Burning Man art and entertainment festival in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert than you must be aware about it. In all of these places most of the participants used FireChat; as an temporary wireless mesh network, which allows smartphones to communicate with each other without any internet connection, network or call. For the protesters of Iraq and Hong Kong, the attraction is obvious because they want to communicate throughout an area without the interference of authorities. In Hong Kong and Iraq government has already shut down most of the internet services and cell networks. In the Black Rock Desert, it was also played a vital role in communication as FireChat was the only form of communication.

The use of FireChat shows, that Open Garden the developer of FireChat had something much different in mind while creating the this app. It can be proved one of the best medium to communicate with your colleagues during conferences and it seems that it was the next step in the mobile communications. iOS and Android smartphone users can use FireChat, by setting up peer-to-peer networks between devices and it allows messaging using the built-in Bluetooth radios and WiFi in each device in the range of 200 feet. According to CMO of Open Garden, Christophe Daligault, “The way mobile networks evolved doesn’t make sense”. While using this app you are not challenging the police on the streets of Hong Kong and neither you’re going to find a way to illegal activities. In some functions FireChat is smiliar to PalmPilot, but the basic difference is that in FireChat you are part of a mesh network, ie. each device can receive and send messages to many other devices as long they will be in the same path between them.

FireChat and internet is similar when it comes to communicate with other mobile devices. Previously, Open Garden has created a collection of apps for communications by using mesh and Wi-Fi with multiple purposes. The use of FireChat is depends on your needs and your imagination. If you are going to organize a seminar than this FireChat can help you to organize the seminar and after organizing it you can manage all the functions very efficiently with the help of communication.

FireChat can be critical, including such things such as; disaster recovery and a search for a missing person in a rural area. What’s unique and really important about FireChat? Its designers looked at smartphones in different way, but not as traditional telephone or wireless networking devices which can easily communicate with each other. This app is extremely new way to communicate in today’s world where no other devices can interferes. Still a lot of people are not aware about FireChat, but it’s expected that in near future it will open the new door for communication.


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