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Samsung sued by Microsoft due to dispute over Android patent fees

microsoft-samsungAs claimed by Microsoft, Samsung, the eminent South Korean firm failed to pay them for utilization its inventions and hence they have started with a legal action course in New York.

Also as read in a blog, this colossal US Company also stated that Samsung had used an excuse and tried to get over with their payment course by stating about Microsoft’s takeover of the handset unit of Nokia.

While on the other hand, Samsung stated that they will take appropriate steps only after they go through the complaint and then likewise determine what step to take ahead. This is the very first time that Microsoft has taken legal action against Samsung. For quite a long term both, the companies were running a great partnership, because of the manufacturer’s sale of Windows phone and Windows PC.

Nokia deal

Though we all know that Microsoft is well recognized for its Windows OS, it has been claiming ownership over several of Google’s Android OS patents at the same time.

It has been pursuing a wide array of Android device-makers for their license fees and till the very present time has struck deals with a list of more than 25 companies some of them being ZTE, HTC, Nikon and Acer. In September 2011 Samsung agreed with the demands made by Microsoft and in the following year it had made their very first payment. It is most likely that the dispute arose due to the Microsoft’s Nokia acquisition.

Nevertheless, as per the censored court papers which were filed by the lawyer of Microsoft which was also posted by Geekwire news website, highlighted news that Samsung had obstructed and refused to make the second payment after getting to know about the Nokia deal in September 2013.

Even though it was also stated on the documents later that Samsung had made the payments in November 2013, Microsoft still claims that Samsung has yet not been able to successfully cover the interest on the sum over the period it did not pay.

Furthermore, Microsoft is not quite happy as Samsung has reserved the rights and claimed not to make any further payments from now. It also stated that Samsung had asked many of the Korean competition authorities to arbitrate to remove any kind of fees in the future- this is a matter, which falls outside the authority of the regulator’s vicinity.

In addition, the papers also stated that Samsung had threatened Microsoft further with its very own patent infringement claims involving the Nokia takeover case.

David Howard Microsoft’s deputy general counsel stated on the company’s blog that Microsoft respects and values its partnership with Samsung and intends for its further growth. All that there were doing was asking the court to come to their settlement of their disagreement and that they were quite confident about the enforcement of the contract.

Upon this Samsung has declined to discuss on any such claims. How much Microsoft makes does from its Android patents has never been disclosed by them, but analysts’ have estimated the yearly figure to be between $1bn (£595m) to $2bn.

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