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Focus highlighted by IT firms as re-skilling mid-tier managers


Recently, a mid-level manager in a Bangalore based company who is in his early 40s had hit a dead end in his phase of career. He had started as a software coder in the company, but no sooner recently elevated the position of a manger, which did bring in greater responsibilities. It also meant that he was meant to be well brushed in the area of customer domain knowledge and budding technology. He was naive about the new set of roles under him gradually, his motivational and level of performing starting sinking down and down.

The mid-tier software company in which he was working started getting skeptical about his performance with worries cropping in from every corner. With talent being one of the crucial beelines in most of the top rated, IT firms, and the company seeking for replacement for him was a bit tough. The company started to improvising and planning about this area, thus worked on re-skilling exercises for these kinds of employees who were taught as in how to stabilize and emerge as an ongoing force to survive in this kind of ever evolving environment.

The employer is now in a better condition than what he was when he started and plans are being made for his next promotion. Well, this is the very same condition in most of the mid-tier IT service companies some of them being MphasiS, NIIT, Zensar Technologies, Mindtree to name a few.

PwC’s leader people and change practice member, Padmaja Alaganandan states that as the growth rates of industries tend to taper off, the base of many of the mid-level managers tends to become a very pricey pool for many of the mid-tier IT companies, most of the bills being non-billable. It would be more effectively meaningful to re-deploy or re-utilize this very workforce section rather than absorbing new ones. For mid managers the average salary scale would be between Rs 12 lakh to Rs 25 lakh a year. Both Mindtree and NIIT are working towards providing proper training to these managers in the area of technologies that are related to specified customer domains. In addition, they are working toward their managers and helping them with gaining the position of business heads and small or mini-CEOs.

The other aspects linked to training also means building skills in the operation section, emotional thinking together with having proper understanding of millennial stated NIIT Technologies training and development, Deepa VMukherjee.

If we take an average then NIIT is spending around Rs 45,000 annually on the training program of one manager. As observed after the training period, these very managers have been able to contribute around 38% to the margins of the project under with they have been working, with a definite rise in the productivity level. Nischae Suri who is KPMGs partner and head of people and change practice, stated that this system of re-skilling, is highly necessary for all the sectors the need tends to accentuate and gets emphasized mostly in IT sectors.

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