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Does this thought ever occur in your mind that, wish you could make a great website or a mobile app, without worrying about all that coding or software development stuff? Most people, who have great ideas usually, find it difficult to afford a skilled software developer. However, with eWebsuite, you don’t have to worry about the budget. You can start your new venture easily by sourcing your website’s software development task to eWebsuite.

Here we have discussed a 4-step plan to guide you start your new business without investing a massive capital:

Step 1: Are Your Services/Products Viable
Demand is the foundation of any successful online business. When it comes to determining the driving force behind sales for any online or mobile apps, then market matters the most and not the technology. Check the viability of your products or services by analyzing the market demand for the same. Here are few instances:

  • Conduct a research targeting your local market. This idea works well for services that connect businesses with people. Understand the requirements of your customers while conducting the research.
  • Opt for Facebook campaign, create a Facebook page and introduce your products/services on Facebook, obtain feedback and comments from people.
  • Build your website using tools that do not require coding. Include Feedback sections, interactive pages in your website to make it more user-friendly. Contact eWebsuite for getting the website done as per your requirement.

If you want to start a restaurant business then find best restaurants in your vicinity by using a web service. Test the demand for your service by paying visit to various restaurants. Check out what they have to offer. Tap the target customers by creating flyers. Distribute them to potential customers and seek their feedback.

Step 2: Start Building Your Website
After determining that there is a demand for your products or services in the market, the next crucial phase is to envisage and make your online presence feel. Now, you may feel that since, you don’t have any knowledge of development or coding how the whole process of web development will materialize. However, chart out a simple wireframe (developer use this term) plan by creating a layout of how your website design must look like.

You can check out and avail eWebsuite’s services to create wireframes. It offers several features such as clickable buttons, drag-drop program and more to convert your ideas into reality.

Step 3: Outsource
Most new online entrepreneurs often cannot afford the high fees charged by skilled developers. However, all is not lost because there is a way out and that is—Outsourcing. You can avail services of software development companies that charge you on per-project or hourly basis.

Obtain Quotes:

If you decide to opt for outsourcing then best bet would be to compare the prices of several development companies. Before making the final decision, consider different factors such as quality of the work, timely deliverability.

In most of the cases, you will see that when you want high quality work, you have to shell out huge sum. The best companies are usually located in the Silicon Valley and charge huge fees whereas those who charge less amount often provide low quality work.

Gather quotes from several development companies, go through their portfolios, get opinions from past customers and then choose the service from one who fits your bill. For instance, we at eWebsuite, develop the website as per your specifications. After understanding the clients’ requirements, we quote a price and specify the time duration in which project will be delivered. We charge one-time payment from our customers unlike other developers who seek specific amount each month.


Step 4:
Once you have selected a developer company and your work is in process, you must focus on the sustainability of your project in the long-run because you will require an in-house team of designers as well as developers to maintain your website. However, it’s the same issue again, even though an in-house team will reap you enormous benefits, you may not afford the cost of recruiting the skilled individuals.

The best approach would be to entrust the task to a developer, who in turn will assign the work to several freelancers.

To put it together, one doesn’t require a development or coding skills to have a thriving app or web service that will give you a flourishing business. Seek services from eWebsuite and take your ideas to new levels.

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