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Microsoft Azure mobile development stands tall in comparison to Amazon and Google

I have spent my entire last year reviewing six types of mobile back end as a service (MBaaS) platforms, which consisted of, Appcelerator, Parse, FeedHenry and AnyPresence. Hespend one year toreview some of the MBaas platforms that are associated with IBM Bluemix and Pivotal CF. These present PaaS services. My research has determined that

Microsoft and IBM emerging as the fastest cloud business movers

Since a very long time, the virtue of fear acting as an animating energy has been in the picture, as visualized in the quicksilver tech sector. As stated by Intel’s longtime leader, Andrew S. Grove, only the ones who are paranoid tend to finally survive in the race. This was placed as guiding principle, which

Amazon amazes everyone with its new 3D printing Store with Customized goods

A new store has been launched by Amazon for 3D printed goods which consists of all the items which can get easily customized to change their material, color, size together with the design of the goods if need be. The store amazingly covers a wide array of goods such as jewelry, games, kitchen supplies, home