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Use Google’s smart spoon Liftware to eat without spilling

Google is throwing its money on technology, brain power and now on humble spoon. This technology senses that how a hand is shaking and then it makes instant adjustments to stay balanced. In the testing process, the Liftware spoons reduced the shaking of the spoon bowl by an average of 76 per cent. According to

Nobel prize in physics for the invention of Blue LED

Three researchers received the Nobel Prize in Physics for their invention of Blue Light-Emitting-Diode, a technology that is best for the water purification, high-speed networking and efficient home illumination. Two Japanese citizens Isamu Akasaki, professor at Meijo University and Nagoya University, Hiroshi Amano, professor at Nagoya University and an American citizen, Shuji Nakamura professor at

Weird Exoskeleton: Add the sensation of touch in virtual reality

Virtual reality is much effective than visuals, but most of us are seeing little more than 3D imagery and head-tracking in head-mounted display. For real immersion, VR is going to need to take advantage of all the other senses as well. Smell and touch are just as important as sound and sight, but for these

Now Computer will say “Try this”: An automated Hypothesis Generation

Now software will help the researchers to decide for what they should look, more than 90 groups of researchers are developing hypothesis-generation software with a hope to use it not for recipe books, but on the vast corpus of scientific literature that has piled up in public databases. Apples, pork and mushrooms sounds like a

Very often done Data Migration Mistakes.

Moving data between storage formats or computer systems is not an insignificant job, mainly when it consists of both structured and unstructured data. One should be able to recognize and avoid certain basic data migration mistakes, such as: Not involving the lines of business and business users at the beginning After merging multiple systems into

Powering Performance in 2014

Powering Performance in 2014 with new Ideas, technologies  and Improved Quality of service ensuring customer satisfaction and continuous improvement

Why companies outsource their business process?

The key factors which have led to a growing trend of outsourcing are 1) Lack of expert-labor in some portions of the business process 2) Availability of cheaper labor, whilst not comprising on the quality of output 3) Ability to concentrate on the other crucial business process These factors have specifically contributed to most of the