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Cloud Computing – Then and Now (2008-2014)

Have you ever wondered how much worth the cloud computing industry was in 2008 and how much it is worth today? Since the time it got introduced to the global market, cloud computing has seen an exceptional growth through out the world. Today in 2014 cloud computing has become an important part of modern businesses,

Heartbleed Bug –Do We Really Need to Worry?

One of the major security flaws that are making news these days is Heartbleed bug. Several hundred websites are believed to have been affected. The bug is so severe that it has a website of its own outlining all aspects of the problem and it is What is Heartbleed Bug? Heartbleed is the pet

Very often done Data Migration Mistakes.

Moving data between storage formats or computer systems is not an insignificant job, mainly when it consists of both structured and unstructured data. One should be able to recognize and avoid certain basic data migration mistakes, such as: Not involving the lines of business and business users at the beginning After merging multiple systems into

10 Things eWebsuite will Never Miss in your Business Website

From thorough contact information to customer testimonials, there are many other elements besides how your website looks that go into making it customer-friendly. Here are the essentials that we keep in mind while designing your business website.   1. Describe clearly what you do When somebody visits your website, you don’t want them to investigative

eWebsuite makes it easy to start your Web Business without knowing a code

Does this thought ever occur in your mind that, wish you could make a great website or a mobile app, without worrying about all that coding or software development stuff? Most people, who have great ideas usually, find it difficult to afford a skilled software developer. However, with eWebsuite, you don’t have to worry about

How to make Scrum deliver results for you !

Imbibe a Scrum Approach Scrum, an Agile software development framework is very responsive software that delivers efficiently and has become a mainstream tool in most organizations. As with other software, Scrum too needs to reinvent itself from being just a conventional developmental tool. This software gives high priority to deliverability and communications over documentations and

Powering Performance in 2014

Powering Performance in 2014 with new Ideas, technologies  and Improved Quality of service ensuring customer satisfaction and continuous improvement