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Google Service – Live streaming data analysis

There are many options for companies and sites to analyze the data that gets uploaded, however seems like Google is one step ahead and planning for Google cloud Dataflow service that will enable to not only analyze live streaming data and batch data. This can certainly help the users of this service to change based

Focus highlighted by IT firms as re-skilling mid-tier managers

Recently, a mid-level manager in a Bangalore based company who is in his early 40s had hit a dead end in his phase of career. He had started as a software coder in the company, but no sooner recently elevated the position of a manger, which did bring in greater responsibilities. It also meant that

Samsung sued by Microsoft due to dispute over Android patent fees

As claimed by Microsoft, Samsung, the eminent South Korean firm failed to pay them for utilization its inventions and hence they have started with a legal action course in New York. Also as read in a blog, this colossal US Company also stated that Samsung had used an excuse and tried to get over with

Microsoft and IBM emerging as the fastest cloud business movers

Since a very long time, the virtue of fear acting as an animating energy has been in the picture, as visualized in the quicksilver tech sector. As stated by Intel’s longtime leader, Andrew S. Grove, only the ones who are paranoid tend to finally survive in the race. This was placed as guiding principle, which

Amazon amazes everyone with its new 3D printing Store with Customized goods

A new store has been launched by Amazon for 3D printed goods which consists of all the items which can get easily customized to change their material, color, size together with the design of the goods if need be. The store amazingly covers a wide array of goods such as jewelry, games, kitchen supplies, home

Human Error Number has now become the latest cause of IT Service Incidents

Human error has now has now topped the chart as the chief cause of IT service incidents as per the reports published by Dimension Data’s 2014 Network Barometer. It was also found in the report that in the year 2013, only 16% out of 91,000 IT service incidents that were logged through Dimension Data service

Efficient running of Facebook newsfeed through functional programming

Functional programming has been constantly used to debug complex codes and the same is being used by Facebook development team to fix on the bugs in their website. Facebook went along with the functional programming method to get the News feed updated in their client Apple iOS. This model has helped in tuning as well

Google engineer says, Necessity of more web programming language

According to the reports of a Google engineer, the scope of web application will vast and it might be able to even go beyond applications in terms of usability and functionality. This all can be achieved if the developers are given more programming languages. During a recent conference of programmers in NY, one of the

Why is being so tough for Indian IT companies to gain advantage over Japan’s IT market potential ???

The adaptation rate of Japan’s IT sector is around 80% in both Private business as well as Public offices. All the private companies and the government offices had aptly systemized their own business system way back and had utilized heavy systems software which have been proprietary developed together with being package based. Only apart from

Big Data & Cloud Adoption

What is Big Data Challenge? We had great 2013 with all the good stuff like big data getting bigger, amazing data success stories, and data scientists befriending business people. This shows that these businesses are still not able to find work around on how to use data and how to fix the analytics for the