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Avoid Stalkers on Facebook and Other Social Media Platforms with These Tips.

We all are living in the era of social networking and more and more people are going online, engaging in the various social media interactions however; we didn’t have imagine it ever. Being online 24×7 is just like the part of our daily life. Facebook and other social networking platforms have come a long way

Windows 10 can come up in pen drive insist of DVD

Now it’s clear that with the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft is planning to make a clean and clear break from the past, as its clear at hat it’s going to be the first and foremost edition of Windows, which Microsoft is planning to give away to individual home users. And if we believe on

Microsoft Azure mobile development stands tall in comparison to Amazon and Google

I have spent my entire last year reviewing six types of mobile back end as a service (MBaaS) platforms, which consisted of, Appcelerator, Parse, FeedHenry and AnyPresence. Hespend one year toreview some of the MBaas platforms that are associated with IBM Bluemix and Pivotal CF. These present PaaS services. My research has determined that

Now iOS UI development framework of Facebook is an open source

Now ComponentKit frame work is available for general use with a purpose to reduce the complexity of writing codes. Facebook’s ComponentKit is an open source frame work which reacts as inspired framework for iOS. According to official statement of Facebook, our ComponentKit is a native Objective-C++ view framework which has a functional and declarative approach

A beta version of new Chat App API released by Nexmo

Recently, Nexmo has released its new Chat App API on a beta version, and this beta version of Chat App AAPI  will allow the companies to communicate with mobile users on the basis of one on one as their preferred chat application. According to reports, this new API will consolidates all chat or text messages

Now with Apache Cordova, offering you standard APIs to go cross platform

    In the age of technology when everyone loves and trying to save time and money, so no one will like to develop the native app for different mobile platforms. Apache Cordova can save your much more time and hard work as well by providing standard APIs which is for device specifichardware. If you

How an Outsourcing can affect your business?

In present the formula of performance and success is to do more business with quality skills and if you are not good at some point, then your most preferred option should be to outsource the rest of work. Outsourcing is not novice, it’s an idea which is in existence from hundreds of years now, the

India will be the next software R&D hub for Dell

  Now Dell is planning to transform its research and development capabilities to India that have lagged rivals for years. This US Company is strengthening its engineering team in India to increase the number of patent applications filed from India, as Senior Executive said. In past few years Dell India has become the largest contributor

Initiative GoDaddy and Microsoft: Now SMBs can come online in Rs 99/month

Recently, software giant Microsoft has partnered with leading web solution provider GoDaddy to help small and medium enterprises as well as entrepreneurs to get their business online for Rs 99 a month, which is pretty low. As per the recent reports Rajiv Sodhi, Vice President and Managing Director of GoDaddy India stated that, “Now we

Use Google’s smart spoon Liftware to eat without spilling

Google is throwing its money on technology, brain power and now on humble spoon. This technology senses that how a hand is shaking and then it makes instant adjustments to stay balanced. In the testing process, the Liftware spoons reduced the shaking of the spoon bowl by an average of 76 per cent. According to