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Mobile Cloud – the emergence of an IT Revolution

In an era of rapidly evolving technology witnessing a range of innovations every passing day, cloud computing has emerged as a trendy technology option enabling continued network access between shared computing resources. By requiring only minimum amount of interaction between the user organization and the service provider, cloud computing offers flexibility and scalability to the

Is outsourcing IT support a profitable business strategy?

Whether to have an in-house IT support or to farm it out is indeed a difficult decision for any business. In this post, we shall enlighten you with some knowledge that will certainly clear off the obscurity around the subject to facilitate decision making. Maximising profits by reducing costs: An in-house IT expert will cost

Google launch its Cloud Services and Google Apps for India based start-ups

Recently, Google announced its two new initiatives in company statement; Cloud Services and Google Apps and it is expected that these tow services aims to help the start-ups and enterprises by fueling its momentum in India.  Google will cover the fees of Google Apps, if any company or business will be locked into an EA

Microsoft Updates for developer tool and other services with the introduction of Monthly Visual Studio Subscription

Recently, Microsoft announced its major updates for its DevOps tools and its services at the Connect Conference in New York. These updates will range from new free program for developers to new subscription service in the marketplace of updates to .NET, extensions and the renaming of Visual Studio Online. This is one the major dev

Most of the software developers have never seen successful software projects

May be you are doing it wrong again and again because most of the software developers have never seen successful software projects, as per the statement of Dave Farley, a delivery evangelist. The more he added that may be they have built their careers on doing the wrong things. Dave Farley, at Mannheim, while kicking

Machine Learning API by Microsoft is able to detects the mood of person

Recently, Microsoft opens machine learning API to detect the mood of person ie. Person is happy or sad? Now, Oxford API, awing of Microsoft Research is planning to put this artificial intelligence in app to pass on its benefit to consumers in free. Chris Bishop, lead at Microsoft Research and esteemed scientist launch a set

Everyone experiencing problems with Skype ?

On Monday Microsoft has acknowledged the issue with skype , and noted that there’s a glitch in settings of Skype. “We have detected an issue with the status settings of Skype… Affected users will not be able to change their status, their contacts will all show as offline and they will be unable to start Skype calls to

Now with the help of robots, you can build your house in 2 days

  According to reports, an Australian engineer has built advanced robot, which can complete the home construction work in almost two hours by working whole day to build house for people. However; in traditional method humans needs to work six to eight hours daily for four to six weeks to construct the same building, besides

China is leading suspect in cyber hack, says James Clapper (US Spy Chief)

As per the statement of James Clapper, who is US Spy Chief China is the leading suspect in the massive hack of the US government agency, which holds personal and professional records of millions of American citizens. After the news of data breach, he is the highest ranking US official, who is publicly implicating Beijing,

Why passwords are not able to keep you safe in Cyber Space?

In present if you are person who is spending more than three hours online, so definitely you will fed up with so many online accounts and different passwords. No wonder, its good opportunity for those software’s and apps who are providing password storage service. But these passwords managers are not less than gaming tool for